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Gas Installations, Sanitary Installations, Thermo and electrical installations. contruction works. PVC window production and mounting.
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Sigma Montaj executes new construction works, decorations, consolidations and repairments of civil and industrial constructions.

What we can do:

  • roof tops, casings/covers, classical and modern terraces
  • brick mansonry
  • exterior decoration
  • interior decoration, room splitting
  • parquet or gritstone/whetstone mounting
  • outdoor and interior mortar
  • phonic/thermo isolation , including hydro-isolations
  • light structures

Our works combine the looks with the guarantee of resistance in time due to the high level of finishing.

All the clients's requirements can be fulfilled due to our partnership with the best produces and suppliers of construction materials and appliances.
Sigma Montaj
Residential Constructions

We perform general contracting works, as we have collaborators in all fields involved in the buildind, construction and planning processes. We provide as well design for the exterior and interior elements.

Office Headquarters
In case of contract signature, the design, planning solutions and technical assistance costs will be included into the building price, reducing this way your time and money expenditures.

We provide:
  • Design by MLPAT authorized personnel
  • Consulting for the damaged buildings or high seismic risk properties
  • Consulting for the land necessary for new constructions

Basic construction includes: foundation, exterior walls of wood (prefabricated) with mineral wool insulation of 15 cm thickness and density of 13 kg / cm. On the outside OSB plates type 12 mm (wood fiber plates of synthetic resin with a role in thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance role between pillars). OSB on the inside of 8 mm. Over ground floor including insulation (15 cm thick mineral wool density 13 kg / cm) and OSB on both sides (top and bottom). Sigma Montaj
Administrative Constructions

Roof (with or without attic). Roof shingle recommended in homes of wood or tile scales. Basic construction does not include any installations.

Turnkey construction works include: Basic construction + finishing + sanitary installations + electrical installation, heating (including heating system, depending on the type of fuel used).

Installations include:

a) electrical installations (including switches and sockets + corps lighting overview, does not include electrical connection to the network)

b) toilet (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, etc..) mean distribution (pipes, fittings), sanitary ware (sinks, washbasins, tub, etc.. including batteries)

c) heating installations (distribution, radiators, central heating).

The installations are optional depending on the customer:

» Heated floors in bedrooms and living rooms or optional laminate flooring carpet.
» Cold floors in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, laundries, garages, etc.. Sandstone, medium quality.
» Carpentry: doors and windows with double glazing windows with wood or PVC joinery optional.
» Tiles in bathrooms and kitchens.

In case of a floor or an attic access ladder is wooden treads and risers covered with oak and wood railing including current hand.

* For works in the 200Km area around Buzau add a percentage between 5 to 15% of the gross amount of the contract, depending on the distance.