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Gas Installations, Sanitary Installations, Thermo and electrical installations. contruction works. PVC window production and mounting.
Despre Noi installations


Whether you need to change a sink, redecorate of a kitchen or fully mount a sanitary/thermo installation in a house or in an apartment, Sigma Montaj is there to help you.

All the phases (case analysis, design, execution, maintenance) are carefully and professionally prepared and executed. The cost analysis and estimation are free of charge, and the final price is decided in the preliminary phase.

Mounting, repairing and maintenance of sanitary installation (water supply and sewage).

Our company is specialized in:
  • Mouting/reparing of water pipes
  • User connection to the main network
  • Mounting/repairing of sanitary appliances: sinks, toilets, reservoirs, bath tubs, showers, etc.
  • Washing machines connections
  • Complete redecoration of bathrooms and kitchens
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Instalatie Sanitara

We usually work with:

  • PPR pipes
  • Steel pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • Steel taps
  • Sanitary appliances according to the client’s needs
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Fittinguri pentru tevi de cupru

Mounting/repairing and maintenance of thermo installations or systems:

Our personnel is fully qualified in the execution, repairing and maintenance of heating installations for individual houses/apartments and for residential or non-residential buildings. Our works consist of key execution of the required schemes by using the following materials:.

  • Copper or PPR pipes for distribution lines/main pipes
  • Steel taps
  • Steel panel radiators
  • Gas based central heating systems
  • Gas based professional cooking equipment
  • Solid fuel based boilers
  • Gas convectors
  • Mixed of electrite boilers
  • Impurity filters
  • Pipe fittings
Sigma Montaj
Radiatoare termice

Our society ensures ISCIR or MCPAT authorization of the termo works.

Natural gas installations

Our society has an ANRGN Bucharest authorization for the execution of natural gas installation. Based on this authorization we can execute new installation works, extensions and checking/reviewing of the existent systems.

Low voltage electrical installations

We execute new installations, repairing or extensions of the current electrical installations based on the approved project presented by the customer.

The electrical installations comprise of:
  • Energy supply by use of copper conductors
  • Mounting of plugs, switches, illuminations systems, general and distribution panels