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Gas Installations, Sanitary Installations, Thermo and electrical installations. contruction works. PVC window production and mounting.
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Our representative works:
  • Architectural and constructive redevelopment of gas network to supply the new construction of the Buzau and Vrancea Bishopric
  • Cladire rezidentiala Com. Tunari, Ilfov.

  • Aldeni Center for Elderly People, Buzau County
    Beneficiary: Alexandru Ioan Cuza Foundation
    Investor: Max Maakt Mogelijk Foundation / Max TV Channel, The Netherlands

  • Modernization of city heating stations (4 district stations)
  • Natural gas supply connections works for the Ursus Beer Company, Buzau

  • Breaza Mayor Hall modernization, Buzau County (constructions and installations)
  • Buzau Gym Sports Center Redevelopment

  • Modernization of electrical supply systems for the Buzau County Museum
  • Residential building constructions in Tunari, Ilfov County
  • Thermo, sanitary, electrical and gas supply installations for “Centru de Zi Piticii”, Ramnicu-Sarat
  • Construction and installation works for the SC Gastronom SA
  • Central heating unit reparation works for Ramnicu-Sarat’s Orphanage Placement Centre no.12
  • Construction and installation works for social apartments – “Centrul de Zi” Buzau
  • Construction and installation works for the Bisoca General School
  • Rehabilitation works for the Greceanca General School
  • Heating and cooking installations for the Theological Seminary Buzau, C.I.T.O. – Ramnicu-Sarat, Costin Nenitescu High School Buzau, Ramnicu-Sarat Asylum
  • Solid fuel heating installation for the Pluiesti General School, Buzau County
  • Consolidation and rehabilitation works for the Pietroasele Kindergarden, Buzau County
  • PVC window production and mounting for the Gheraseni General School, Buzau County